Liesje Smolders

sub skin

Trained in theatre design (Academy Artibus, Utrecht ) and sculpture (Gerrit Rietveld Academy), Liesje Smolders developed a very personal style as an autonomous sculptor. Superimposed layers of wood, glued together, are hollowing out, polished and sanded to perfectly curved shapes with a smooth satin like skin. Liesje: 'Skin is a theme full of opposites. Skin is the most extensive and the most sensitive of the senses. Skin protects, but masks and shuts out. Skin contact may involve caressing but also spanking. Skin is sensual, and erotically charged. Wood should feel as skin.' She also makes paraffin works, since paraffin is and looks most like skin. Her traveling installation Via Maria (1995-96) consisted of seven candle-like paraffin Maria's. While burning they transformed from Madonna