Liesje Smolders

'Zonder mij uit tot huid'

Zonder mij uit tot huid
een ontmoeting die vragen oproept over anonimiteit en intimiteit
Ik ontvang je één op één in mijn kabinet, een aangename ruimte, waar al je zintuigen aangesproken worden.
Mijn verhaal gaat over sensualiteit, tederheid en verlangen
huid tegen huid
in het veilige nest
daar ligt de essentie
Welkom in mijn droom
Ik wacht op je

Liesje Smolders

tijdens de karavaan 12 juli tot 12 augustus 2007 reisde deze voorstelling met woonwagen door Noord-Holland.

de karavaan

“Plenty of Past”

An outdoor performance in nature in which antagony between anonymity and intimacy is the central focus

Archetype symbols such as a breast or a penis are important to this performance, not as objects of lust but much more as homage to them.
In media, on billboards and music there seems to be no sexual taboos.
This seemingly openness is a masquerade which disguises current and repetitive taboos.
Within my story the main focus is sensuality; in a physical way questions and desire about intimacy will rise.
Wooden breasts are the size of a full grown head and can be worn like a mask. The penises have a figurine look with human aspects. You may sit on them.
The wooden objects are very carefully polished and feel like skin. For some of the objects I have chosen for paraffin since this material is closest to human skin.
The tour bears a very sensuous character; light, sound and smell are important.
The tactile is evidently around: to touch and to be touched. The need for this is high, but happens far too many.
Plenty of Past is an experience in which language has a very minor part; words fail to serve their purpose.

Liesje Smolders